Oslo / Toulouse / Results

April 14, 2013

The task

Choose a task you want to solve within the area of packaging design, waste and consumption. Be bold. New thinking is more important than being realistic.

Possible solutions can be directly related to the problem itself (trash everywhere), related to human behavior (think twice before you buy and trash), or related to mass production – how you can convince companies to rethink their packaging processes.

Solve the task by using graphic design. You need to be able to argue in what way your design will help the described waste problem. Your design should leave a minimal environmental foot print. It must be competitive in its market sector and convey the product message to the costumer. (Packaging the brand, 2011).

Make sure your exhibition is self explanatory. Define your target group and values to be communicated.


The results

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Project initiated by: Henry (FR) and Yann (NO) / Axe Sud (Toulouse) – Westerdals (Oslo)